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Will you crash your Ferrari 488 just to avoid hitting a dog?

Male Driver, 36, who was not injured, told police he was trying to avoid hitting a dog on road, and slammed the Ferrari!

A blue Ferrari worth about HK$4 million crashed into three roadside signs in Aberdeen, Hong Kong, while making a turn.

Police said the driver, 36, claimed he was trying to avoid hitting a dog that was crossing the road. The police department confirms that the man passed an alcohol test.

Photos from the scene showed the front of the car was badly damaged, with the signs wedged into it.

Police said no one was injured from the accident, but the driver will most likely facing reckless driving penalty as there is witness, who provided dashcam video footage showing that the Ferrari driver was driving on opposite lane and driving at a speed that exceeds the road's speed limit seconds before the accident happen. And yet, avoid to hit the dog shall not be an excuse for reckless driving behavior.

And, forgot to mention, the driver is not the owner of the Ferrari 488, the driver was hired by the owner to clean the owner's vehicles.
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