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When VW Touareg crossover with BMW X4, meet the Changan CS85!

Its not surprising that the Chinese automotive manufacturers love to "reference" from foreign brands, Zotye, a Chinese car maker, previously shocked Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, with their new SUV model SR9, which looks exactly the same as Porsche Macan. This copy and paste strategy is still ongoing, and they are bringing it to the next level. Meet the Changan SUV CS85, with the soul of Volkswagen Touareg and BMW X4.

The front of CS85 is obviously "refrence" from Volkswagen Touareg plus a little bit of Mitsubishi Dynamic Shield design elements.

Image: VW Touareg

Image: Mitsubishi Dynamic Shield Design.

The body, the rear coupe shape and the slim taillights design look just exactly the same as the new BMW X4. I am not surprise if one mistaken this as X4 from a distance.

Image: BMW X4

The interior is also referenced from another famous German brand, the screens layout and transmission shifter designs are definitely "inspiration" from Audi Q8 and e-tron. Instead of 2 screens at the centre console, it only has one, and having traditional buttons and knobs for the climate controls.

Image: Audi Q8

What do you think of the CS85? I am definitely wowed by Changan creativities, looking forward to what they will bring out next!
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