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First Tesla Autopilot Crash reported in Taiwan?

A Tesla ModelS running Autopilot crashed into two stationed patrol vehicles in Taiwan National Freeway No.3. On Dec 11th, two patrol units were dispatched to Taiwan National Freeway no.3 to redirect traffic due to a car accident. While two police officers redirecting traffic on scene, an approaching Tesla ModelS did not notice the traffic ahead and crashed into the two stopped patrol vehicles.

Local authorities is now investigating the accident, but the cause of the accident is questionable.

First, according to the owner, the Tesla ModelS was running on Autopilot and that he fall asleep immediately after.

If the autopilot system is engaged,it should have notice the slow traffic ahead and stop the vehicle, instead it crashed into two patrol cars.

Secondly, did the Tesla Autopilot disengaged before the accident? The driver of the Tesla was found sleeping in car at the time of accident, which is a possible cause for Tesla Autopilot to disengage since when no hand is detected on the steering wheel for a period of time, the car will disengage the auto steering.

Perhaps, the Tesla owner should not 100% rely on the Autopilot system; like Tesla suggested, it is a driving assist system and driver should stay alert to traffic situations at all time while engaging Autopilot.

Update on Dec 12th:
A video footage was uploaded to Facebook on Nov 1st, showing that a same white Tesla ModelS (with same license plate) was spotted cruising on National Freeway and suspected the Tesla was running with Autopilot since the driver was spotted sleeping at the time.

The driver of the Tesla ModelS in the accident later said Autopilot was activated initially but later deactivated before the accident happened, and that he did not have the habit of sleeping while driving. The driver in the video footage uploaded to social media was his friend!
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