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Driving.ca | SUV Comparison | 2019 BMW X2 vs. Volvo XC40

Driving.ca - Both the BMW X2 and Volvo XC40 are the new kids on the block. So how do they stack up? Full review

Brian Harper verdicts:
For me, picking between the two was a very tough decision. Truly, both crossovers would be welcomed in my driveway. That said, as I prefer my vehicles with a decided sporting bias — sacrificing comfort in many instances — my nod goes to the X2. And if the missus gives me stink eye over that decision, I could slide the more formal roofed X1 by her without (I think) her being any the wiser.

Nick Tragianis verdicts:
It’s a tough call. It depends on what exactly you want out of a luxury crossover. If you’re seeking something easy to live with, the XC40 is tough to beat. The interior is on point, it’s spacious for the size, it’s fairly stylish inside and out, and because it’s a Volvo after all, it takes safety very seriously. But like you, old dude, I like my vehicles to have some sporting intentions. I can forgive the fact that there’s no good reason for the X2 to exist, because it’s quick, spacious enough, and being careful with options keeps the price reasonable. I’d do two things differently, though: I’d swap out the run-flats, and I’d also wait for the X2 M35i.

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